Victoria Khoss, our founder, chief designer and CEO, was born in Vienna, Austria, the heart of Europe and a city with rich and long-standing traditions. There, Victoria developed a strong sense and passion for beautiful things that require skill, time and fine attention to detail. Bringing those values to New York, Victoria is refocusing the fashion industry on the art, beauty and value of craftsmanship – a way of production that has become a mere marketing tool for many luxury brands. “We focus on finding the highest quality materials, the best artisans, and we do everything we can to protect the integrity of our manufacturing process. This is a promise we make to our customers.”




Our products are handmade using the world’s finest fabrics, leathers and hand-forged components. We instill each of our products with the passion for quality that transforms craftsmanship into art. Produced upon purchase, our handbags are shipped from our New York headquarters directly to you. This way, we ensure quality from design to delivery – that is our promise. We take pride in reviving and advancing traditional craftsmanship at a time where almost all luxury products are mass-produced. Highly skilled with unwavering attention to detail, our artisans ensure each purse meets our industry-leading Standards of Perfection. Exceeding your expectations. We are proud to be Made in America.